I can't understand you guys... How and why you want new languages... In general you need logics. To find how to apply it in different languages you can google it out.

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    Being a multi-language developer is more attractive on CV's as you can fit into more roles.

    To be the guy take can help out any team, or move around project responsibilities is a huge win for you and the company.

    There are also limitations. Many services, tools, products etc require certain languages.
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    So that means having mix of random languages makes more appealing CV. I would assume otherwise if reasonable explanation for learning languages without working with technologies would not be given, cuz you don't know what and why you are doing things.
    Yeah you could be the guy who could read code in different areas but are that gonna be helpful if you don't have strong analytical and problemsolving skills ..?
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    @maximizer I've found learning multiple languages helps with problem solving. I stop thinking about the Java or Swift way to do it, and think more about the problem at a lower level
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    @practiseSafeHex if you cannot spot the problem there is no language X way of solving it. And if you spot the problem and thought of solution all you need is type in google your solution language X
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    Time is one reason. If you use a language which is adapted or has a lot of built in functionalities for a task/project, it can reduce development time. So knowing more languages gives you more flexibility to choose the right "tool" for the job.
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