I can code in so many languages or understood many more, but I cant spell for shit and this times table sheet is my enemy lol and it's only a 7+ book lol

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    You know what a for loop is, I'm sure you can figure it out lol
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    Can't you notice after the first few that is just
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    I love the replies my point was I don't understand maths but I can and have made programs do it for me, my point was in away was even the brains that don't take things in well like the write or mathematical language can still adapter, this used to be the soul behind every geek, nerd and misfit I say used to loosely but a real computer geek will understand what we do now isn't the optermised way of doing things anymore.

    Your replied made me smile thanks guys lol
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    @Rexzooly I didn't mean write a program. The answers are just in order lol
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    @jespersh op reading your comment "jesus christ, he cracked the code"
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