Got accepted as a part-time FE developer in a well-known company.

Reality check: all I do is maintain a horribly formatted spaghetti code (20k+ lines in a file) using ancient tech like PL/SQL, prototypeJS and IE11.

Buy hey, at least I know some SQL magic now.. Right?!

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    Show us some SQL magic!
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    @spl0 well check this!

    Bad, never works: IF variable = NULL
    Good: IF variable IS NULL

    Took me only an hour to find that "IS" keyword exists back that day.
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    @Baxos can't say I'm envious, but everyone starts somewhere.

    If you can work hard, try asking some of the other devs for 'throwaway' tasks: things that are on the priority list but that they think are trivial to do and wouldn't mind giving to the new guy. If you play your cards right, you can get more and more experience along the lines of what you actually want to be doing. (Unless you really enjoy SQL, in which case, more power to you).
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    @ReturnVoid Who wouldn't enjoy SQL?
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    @spl0 all day erry day
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    @ReturnVoid That would be brilliant!
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