Anyone who can recommend some good programming streamers? Currently I'm mostly watching Tsoding and Zorchenhimer and I'm curious if anyone has any recommendations

Also both tsoding and Zorchenhimer are really lovely to watch. Tsoding does a lot of different mainly lowlevel things (like making a game in C or adding gamepad support to GRUB) and Zorchenhimer developes games for the NES and they can both be found on Twitch

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    What's the purpose of watching other people program?

    (this question is from a person who also asks: what's the purpose to watch other people play games when I myself could play those games)
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    @Emphiliis I watch people program when I program mainly to have background noise, but also because it's always nice to see how other people do things.

    And in case of Zorch, it's fun to see people program for older consoles.
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