Forgot to turn wifi on when watching Twitch on phone...

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    Ohhhh rip
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    Yay for no data limits 😋
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    There's an app that turns your data off when you connect to a WiFi but I did this last week. My girlfriends WiFi was acting shit so I used data, forgot, and watched an hour long Facebook livestream. Rip.
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    Why does your phone have two battery icons?
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    @AnonyOps @Artemix @linuxxx I use prepaid and for me that 3GB is beyond enough (as you can see on graph).

    @Braed that was not the case here, but I've noticed my phone is using cellural when connected to wifi without internet access. I guess that app requiers rooted device right? I had Automate app programmed to fix that (anyways that app is really neat).

    @TechnoTrumpet cause I have two (Kruger&Matz Live 3+) 😎
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    Yay for no cap
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    Feels good when I soon can get unlimited data(1000gb) for 20$ a monthXD
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    Looks like a dinosaur
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