Make enough passive income to quit my job, live in the mountains and develop something i like without feeling guilty for not using the time to work on money yielding projects instead.

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    What are your passive income strategies? You seem like a walking advertisement right now ngl.
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    I think it would get pretty boring really fast. You sometimes need the challenges of being at a job with other people imo.
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    This! Exactly what I want, I entered dev world because it allows me to develop cool stuff (at least cool for me)

    I hate having to work to get money to survive ...
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    @gitpush not to mention the people offering u better money are likely to make u work on the most boring shit
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    @sleek or the most messed work :/
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    This. I want this so much.

    Hopefully BTC will explode while I'm still young enough to enjoy this =/
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    I feel the same..
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