So I miss my job to go to the local traffic department to check my driver license and their system is out. (boss will fuck me)

Then I see they have 5 brand new Windows powered HP machines you can use to check your processes and stuff. The Internet is blocked, but strangely no one bothered that user has administrative rights.

Cmd and Explorer in the screen are in admin mode

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    They propably having EWF enabled, or boot them over PXE with COW/snapshot enabled. Then it dosen't matter if any malicious get a foothold - reboot = problem gone.

    Such computers are often having a watchdog or timer that reboots them regularly too.

    I run some public machines in admin, from read-only medium. Its no problem, they can install malware until the cows come home - one reboot = 100 % guranteed clean.
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    @sebastian I didn't know such a thing existed. Yeah, then I hope they're doing it as you say
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