A fun day.

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    Looks nice. Would you mind telling is a bit more about it?
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    Stop labeling people!
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    To the right is "Porblem solving".
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    @JustThat Also that dude holding the model sign above her lmao
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    And who is responsible for always reporting "theek hai, theek hai"? ^^

    Btw. devrant is for the devrant platform. Not "developer rants". EVERYTHING is supposed to be a developer rant because no sales and HR people are supposed to be here, you know.
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    Can someone photoshop these all to say some dumb shit like "AI != ML" or "I'm slow but easy"
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    @lucaIO the real mvp

    @kescherRant behind "porblem solving" is "headshots". they may not know how to spell, but they sure get the job done.
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