Is it good to join a startup paying average after it's seed fund orr should I join a regular company paying slightly above average?

Advice for a fresher(new grad)

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    I'd say go with an existing for now

    Get some experience first before attempting a startup, after you've gained some you can probably make better decisions on infrastructure etc. in a startup
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    I agree a startup as a first experience could be a gamble.
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    I started working at big company and now more than a year at startup. I will tell you based on my experience.

    Big company life is boring I would say, most of the time I spent learning tools/framework I found it old and some really were outdated. Work life balance, that’s the best thing of my first company.

    Deadlines were great, lots of events and hangouts but the personal growth? Not really for my case. My friend is still there and he learnt pretty much nothing (other than management and business related).

    My second job was startup. I learnt lots of stuffs, not just technical stuffs but also how to deal with assholes. Pay was slightly higher but no work life balance and they did suck my life out.

    My third work is overall good, although it’s a startup there is a work life balance and I enjoy it so far. (Of course it’s not always rainbows and unicorns but much better than my second job).
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