Have a question about git rebase with android studio.

So I have a feature branch which I finished working on, I made a pull request to develop branch and now I see many conflicts because develop is few commits ahead.

In android studio I switched to my feature branch, then did a git rebase develop and resolved all conflicts. After conflicted files were fixed I did a git add conflicted_file and continued with git rebase --continue until the end.

Now everything is finished. I have a local feature branch that was rebased to current develop, and I resolved all conflicts.

Problem is when I do a git push to my remote feature branch, I get a merge conflict error conflict from android studio and now I have to solve all merge conflicts yet again for some reason.

What I am doing wrong?

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    As your local branch is ahead of the remote (tracking) branch and you are sure you made everything right, you have to push --force
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    Yeah you would use push —force but make sure you don’t pull before as might be suggesting by git
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