I'm graduating soon from a college, and tbh I only had internships in web development. I really want to land a job when graduate next summer... But it doesn't seem I match any of the job descriptions, the skills the companies want. I don't know what's the next step, should I find a low skill cap job and teach myself the languages in the part-time? what did you do to land a software engineer job when you first graduated?

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    @2lazy2debug Thanks for your advice! I
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    What my dude @2lazy2debug said is solid af.

    Adding to it, if you successfully contributed to the development of software during your internship and you have a way to convey this into yout info then by all means man. Some of us would happily accept this as sufficient experience for certain positions in a full fledged job.

    Also, the way you present yourself makes all the difference.
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    @AleCx04 Thanks! My senior thesis is to develop a python image recognition software for Bio department with three other people, I will try my best to contribute.
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