What do those famous devs who get famous for making some language or product feel before releasing that project? What is their motivation? Do they feel that this thing is going to make me rich, this thing is what i wanna dedicate my life to? How do they not fear that they are missing something when working on that thing, and how it would effect their life if it fails?
What is your life's ultimate end goal? Everywhere i go, i see a race being going on, i race which is luring in itself for benefits , and has a current #1 ranker. But once you are in, you will realise you won't ever be #1 you might be #10,00 or #50000at best if the crowds are less and you would only be achieving benefits temporarily due to you being a part of that race and your boss not knowing people better than you

Eg programming is literally a race.. everyone knows something or more, their are world leaders knowing almost everything and enjoying benefits. You see the rankboards and being at #400000, you start into running the race , working hard to get into top #1000 but still reaching #50000 at best. By that time, that temporary leader is changed.and previous leader might be just struggling again

Eg if you are an android dev , you know their is a virtual race going on. Everyone knows a lot of things and nobody knows everything. You get into it seeing this opportunity but later you find people almost everything . These are people working individualy on their million $$ apps or working on companies woth million $$ apps and you realise by you can't ever reach there

Also, share some tips to be successful in tech world as whole, and what exactly do you define as "success"

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    Who cares ?

    Live Your life not somebody’s else.
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    If you want to get there you must make the step forward. It's gonna be a race sooner or later. It's gonna be hard sooner or later. But these are the problems you'll have to deal with later. Your today's problem is to make the release, because without it you will neither have tommorow's problems nor tomorrow's profits.
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    I think to answer most of your questions, look at other professions. Ours is way less original than you think.

    E.g. take authors. Do they fear missing something? They bloody do and miss things all the time. J.K. Rowling depicted King's Cross station completely, embarassingly wrong. Thus Harry Potter completely tanked, right?
    Authors write books *they* like, give drafts to proofreaders, incorporate feedback, life goes on. This trembling from fear of making mistakes is misplaced; we are human and making mistakes is part of it.

    There is also no race except in one's mind.
    Take authors again. We have a long history of telling stories. We had Shakespeare and other great ones. Are they masters that knew everything, have all stories been told, is there no place for new authors, is "the race" over? No. Some people don't even like Shakespeare. There are new books every day, and they get read.

    I reject this "second place is first loser" thinking. It has no basis in reality, and is unhealthy.
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