There is paradox in my mind
I wanna be special person and i hate do simple thing that every one can do it (such as creating website with django or do things my classmates do)
I afraid
And I can't believe in myself
I think I'm not enough to rich my goal
So i get lost and confused:/
I can't choose my major

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    If you want to go beyond average, you'll have to put in more work in order to learn more and deeper skills than your classmates.
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    What's wrong with a website creation? You know you can make it more fun by using custom implementations of things, don't you? Like.. Make your website 60+% more efficient that using default tools? Or make it modular? Or ffs, extend django and make it better for you and for others! I bet that info would shine bright on your masters paper!

    Even dumb tasks can be interesting if you add something new to your toolset :)
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    Hard work is how you get there, and there's no shortcuts unfortunately (though Medium posts sure as hell try to portray everything as possible to learn in 5 minutes)... That's all. Hard work. If it was easy, somebody else would've already done it.
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    You're not a fucking special little snowflake.
    We are all trying to do what's better in this shit. If you wanna become a better dev you need to be able to learn from everyone and not treat some people/sides-of-the-industry like shit.
    You can do anything with any language and technology, and since you're apparently still in school, you have time to do useful or useless shit, just to learn.
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    @MagicSowap but if you need to choose a major, I would recommend low level (C, assembly, Rust, ...)
    (Rust is good for a student because it's hard)
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