Big Company rant #2

As I said before I have no admin permissions on my working Notebook and everytime I want those, I have to call the inhouse support, make an Appointment and then they Access my Computer and type in their root Password. Of Course after I had explained them what I want to do nearly a hundred times.
next Thing is our custom Firewall. It is global in our Network and all the Computers have a custom Root Certificate for SSL installed, BUT this certificate seems to be not recognized by nearly every program I want to use. Git-Bash, npm, python/pip, docker, .. everywhere I have to manually install this cert, but most of the time I Need admin Rights to edit those.
After 3 weeks in this Company I thought I have everything correctly installed and configured.
But Company said no.
I received a mail over the Weekend which said my Notebook will be replaced because the one I had was an Interims device and they only waited for a new delivery of devices.
So now I am sitting here at my desk unproduuctive, configuring my Setup AGAIN

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    When I started working, my first company was complete MS. Laptop windows, server windows, language ASP.Net (& some sharepoints).

    As someone who even replaced the Windows with Linux completely during undergrad days, I decided to do the same with company laptop.

    The next day I got an email of my laptop having malicious software and started questioning me why I wanted Linux. I don’t want to hate on Windows but damn that shit is unproductive af. (Also fuck the powershell). Also trying to configure Windows server makes me want to shoot my head off

    After all the shit, I decided to bring my own and do the dev. I only used their when I need to go to Datacenter and etc.

    And no, at that time there was no sub system like now.
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    You use git-bash, docker, and python without root?
    And have a custom selfsigned root cert installed?

    Just hack the system to get the root password ffs.
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    @pokerface As a SOC-analyst I really hate people like you. Y'all are the reason we get flooded with unnecessary tickets because you wanna be the special snowflake... I'm a borderline Linux fanboy aswell and at home everything runs Debian. However, at work I work with whatever is given to me, because evidently that also works for the 50 other people that work with me.
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    @gathurian well I won’t think myself as someone better than the rest and I won’t bother creating ticket or complaining to someone “higher up there”. Even back there, I thought it was alright to setup for your own and I just did it.

    I just wanted to use something that will makes me more productive. Although like I said I hate MS Server, I did my best to complete the task given to me.

    Although you are supposed to use something like the rest, there should be some freedom, for example it would be wrong for me to say I won’t work with Window servers but I don’t actually see why I am not allowed to use any OS other than Windows.

    Also I didn’t have a choice when I was a fresh grad, and left the place after the probation and joined somewhere that I prefer to work at.
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    @pokerface Nah, we get automated ticket e.g if the SIEM detects an unknown asset in the network because you hooked up your private device to the internal network, or because your Linux communicates with an external NTP server or because SMBv1 is still enabled on the device or... etc.
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    In one of my previous roles I didn't have admin access on a Windows PC. Had an application that cost $00s for each licence, it contained various extensions for Visual Studio. You couldn't run it without admin access.
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    One of my coworkers worked and solved a similar problem like that with our certs. I point him to this rant, maybe he can give some advice.
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