I'm the reason for all I am bad at
I'm the reason for all the time wasted by me
I'm responsible for all the shit fuckery I've been doing
But I don't know how to get back at the correct path
I just don't know
Fuck me

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    Where do you want it?
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    @grumpyoldaf just send it via UPI or PayPal
    I'll cash it in my ass at my local prostitute
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    Don't beat yourself up.

    Obviously I'm to blame.

    From now on, any time you start to think "I'm to blame."

    Instead, in your mind, change it to "Wisecrack is that fucking asshole that messes everything up for me. Hes to blame."

    Hey, blaming others works for the rest of the world! I'll be your own, personal, jesus. Someone who cares. Someone whos there.
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    @Wisecrack Well I'm trying to improve myself to save you from blame...

    Ok now enough dR for today back to work
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