Seriously, just fuck this community.

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    I don't get it. What's happening here?
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    @Angry it helps if you know some of my history, which has been pretty public recently. I'm not gonna repeat the stories as they are easy to look up, but the tl;dr is that the community is toxic and a few months I got fed up with it, after over a decade of contributing to it.
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    Idk about your experiences, but I got to know the Ada community as one of the nicest I ever encountered.

    Except of that I'm happy to find someone else here using Ada ;)
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    @JustKidding the tldr:

    Spend over a decade creating high performance libraries often outperforming a leading vendors. Also create much needed and asked for educational content, for free.

    Get met with racism, attacks against a disability I have, and regular criticism for supporting other languages.

    Not to mention other issues, but this has been explained in previous rants.
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    @JustKidding and I don't use Ada anymore.

    Several months ago I began porting all of my Ada code to .NET, typically C#, but made sure all three core languages are supported well. All my old code, repos and everything, don't exist anymore.
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    @pk76 both things make me sad to hear.
    I'm using Ada for like two years now and it's one of the nicest, if not the nicest language I've encountered.
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    @JustKidding I thought so too, once upon a time. Over the years one vendor had repeatedly ripped off my work, while teams at Microsoft have actually reached out to me to offer help.
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