I joined (still under probation period) in a startup founded by an 18 year old.

I work after my full time job for them and thought itd be fun but the kid made a slack channel and asks for progress updates everyday and feels a bit in a haste to get the product up and running. He seems to think I will be working every weekday from the second i come back home till i sleep. I have a party today that im going to and im sure he will ask for progress updates and when I tell him im out and wont work today he’ll probably say something like “the faster we do the project the better”.

Im not sure if i should leave now while its easy or i should stay for the money ($900 a month). Like i really dont feel like tolerating a demanding kid who cant wait for his app plus id much rather be working on other things just for fun like making rust crates. but at the same time the extra money is nice.


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    Tell him that his questions for status updates hinder your progress. That should shut him right up.
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    > Every rich kid who follows Gary V.
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    Sounds like an inexperienced PM, if they're open to constructive criticism then calmly explain why they shouldn't be micromanaging. If they're not open to suggestions, leave. You're already questioning leaving and they aren't open to change so it's not going to magically improve as time goes on (or at least is unlikely to)
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    What's the agreement between you and him, now that you mentioned that's he's paying you, what's the terms?
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    I hate rich kids because of this.
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    Set Goals of how many hour a week you work.
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    I code as a hobby and i'm also doing MBA, these kids are nothing more than walking books.

    They have nothing of experience on being good leaders.

    It's better to quit such jobs.
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    If you're in the US, $900/month is pretty low for a tech job. If you're not in the US, you can ignore ;)
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    You better find another job, the fact he keeps on asking for updates and going like: The sooner we go online the better ...etc.
    Means he has no plan and only excitement to get things released.

    When that is the case everything is born dead, been in a company like that, managed by 50yr old dude who is only excited by buzz words and ended up almost bankrupting the company with incomplete features, zero code review and zero quality and we had to bust our asses to get things done.

    If you are still under probation just find another job and move on, you will drown there + what you do after work is non of anyone's business
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    Tell him, harrassing the developer kills his focus and motivation, is like pushing a person who is trying to walk steadily carrying lot of plates, he will just fall or u will be only bothering him and making his progress harder.
    Suggest him to fix one meeting per week to evaluate the progress and that would be enough.
    Provide a timeline for you progress and an estimate about beta delivery
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    The cargo cult needs more blood for the blood god!

    Tears extracted from the victims of the borrow checker will not be sufficient to please our lord and master Tetanus!

    PRAISE RUST. I am unworthy.
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    He told me today to try to double my efforts to make up for yesterdays lost time, i found myself quitting by telling him this is not gonna work out for me. :D
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    @sleek Good thing you did there, well young people have enthusiasm but no experience, so expect that behavior.

    Best of luck on your journey :)
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    @gitpush yeah i guess he just doesnt know how to manage a team yet which is ok except he believed that he did. Anyway no more working for people, its either being alone, an equal team member, or i aint taking the job
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    @sleek good choice you did there :D
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