All i want to do is write code. Give me time, space, and stop bothering me so often and I can fix the shitty outsourced code. I can do it, really. I can write a ton of resdesign docs and improve so much shit. But I can't do ANY OF IT BECAUSE THESE FUCKS ARE ALWAYS PAWNING OFF WORK ONTO ME AND REFUSING TO LET ME GET MY HANDS DIRTY.

Stop asking me to email people. Stop asking me to update documentation that isn't for my features. Stop bothering me. Stop. Fucking. Bothering. Me. All. The. Goddamn. Damn.

Stop it stop it stop it fucking stop. I don't care about the PM's dumbfuck braindead statements and always wanting to pick a fight with me. I don't care that x environment is down. I don't care that your shitty overseas programmers can't tell their own ass from their head. I do care that I have the skills to fix it if you would give me the fucking time and space.

Instead of having me do all the mundane tasks that your shitty ape programmers could do overseas, let me have some fucking room to breath and I can fix this shitty fuck of a project and Maybe I can save it before it collapses on itself you dumb fucks

Holy shit im pissy today

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    @grumpyoldaf Excuse me? You don't know a damn thing about who i am or what im talking about, and yet you think its ok to make such judgement calls and tell me to get out.

    To be clear, im fine with doing simple things. But I hate how nobody around me is adressing the big problems. I want to be given the time and a chance to do it. Thats what this rant was about, wanting to be given a challenge I can prove myself with that nobody else wants to face.

    So why don't you get the fuck out?
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    @Owenvii There. What you wrote in this comment comes across completely different than how you wrote it in your rant. Do you see the difference?

    And I did judge from what you wrote with absolutely no idea who you are cos “shitty ape programmers overseas” comes across pretty much being an “I’m better than thou” asshole.

    Your rant sounded like you worked as me at my previous gig until I got to the mundane part. I empathize.

    I shall get out of your comment thread now good sir!
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    ++ for proper ranting.
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