Best and worse IDE feature for you.
Me :
IDE : VS2019
Best : Conditional break points (cf image)
Worst : Git branches management (For example : can’t delete multiple branches at the same time)

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    @torbuntu Maybe I posted wrong.
    It’s more : What to you like and hate about your IDE.

    And side note : For me, I didn’t find ANY IDE which does half of things VS does for me
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    IDE: PhpStorm
    Best: IntelliSense
    Worst: The amount of indexing it has to do, even when ignoring a few folders
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    @torbuntu it has "JetBrains" attached to it. So no, I won't even look.
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    @alexbrooklyn Fun thing. I was helping my ex-(snif)girlfriend with her PHP work and I found that PHP Tools for Visual Studio were better for me.
    I don’t do PHP, so working in a familiar IDE helped
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    @NoToJavaScript Why not? I actually like jetbrains
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    @alexbrooklyn For me jetbrains = eclipse = intellij. I tried their “resharper” extension like 6 years ago, it was awfully slow, formatted my code wrong. Crushed at least once a day. A shit load of necessary configuration just to “get things started”. Since then, I forever lost any possible interest in any of their products.
    Only personal experience, trying to not generalize! I think everyone can works with tools they want. Some are still coding in notepad++. (Which I use as default text editor)
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    @torbuntu (Yes I’m very fast to judge whole company on one product, if product doesn’t do what I want out of box. Ex : GitKraken stayed exactly 10 minutes on my PC)
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    @NoToJavaScript I agree on the ReSharper part. It pretty much doubled my VS2019 cold boot (and Rider really is in the same spot regarding that), plus ReSharper would cause crashes constantly, over multiple installations and OS wipes.

    However, IDEA is awesome for multilanguage shit, and Rider is nowhere near as gimmicky as ReSharper alone is. Plus, when you work in Unity, Rider just offers so many nice things. I love it.
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    @torbuntu Well, it does exactly what I want, and I never need to quit it. Be it : Azure management, databases, powershell, .Net or TypeScript. I also like App insight integration directly in the code (Exceptions in production are visible directly on a controller). And most important part : It’s all out of box.
    To be fair, I skipped VS2010, this one was shitty. VERY.
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    @Mvzes IDEA has another problem, which is “a problem” only for me : It doesn’t scale menu texts and options with Zoom. So with my shitty eyesight on a 4k screen I can’t read anything.
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    My 2 cents. Fuck jetbrains that piece of shit.
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    @NoToJavaScript That's fair. DPI scaling is still nowhere near where it should be unfortunately.
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    Good: I mean, it's the only python IDE with proper IDE features
    Bad: still feels like it's designed for Java with python support monkey-patched on top. "Function" did you mean method? ReStructuredText? What's that? Project submodules? Nah, noone uses python for complex projects.
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    @retnikt hahahaha good one!
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