What's on your bookshelf? Some of these are pretty old, but still relevant.

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    Some good ones there!
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    Wish you could post photos in the comment section... I'll have to get you a list
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    I got 3, a c++ book, a old security book, and refactoring by design
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    Look at them 2 debuggers. State of the art 😍
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    "Linux Kernel Development", " Intro to" and "Advanced" "Android Application Development", "Embedded Android", "Expert C Programming", "Linux Device Drivers", " GNU C Library Reference Manual", "The Pragmatic Programmer", " Effective Java", "Core Java Fundamentals", CLRS, the dragon book, "Building Micro services", " Basic Security Testing with Kali", "Unix System Programming", " The Algorithm Design Manual", "Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain Driven Design", " Software Architecture in Practice", "Programming in the Unix Environment", Patterns(GHJV),"Modern C++ Design","Structured Parallel Programming","Hacking the Art of Exploitation"

    Probably a couple more that I'm forgetting
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    @ReturnVoid +1 on the dragon book, classic programing book if there was ever one
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    Thinking in java is an amazing book.
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    TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1
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    huh no books on corba
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