I might be fucked up, but I have a tendency to gravitate towards the shit that everyone else dislikes for the sake of knowing if their bias against is actually because shit is truly fucked up or if shit is legit plain WRONG.

From all technologies that I have worked with professionally I can count:

Java(currently in the form of old JSP services for an "enterprise level application")

Java for Android development - i was the lead engineer for a mobile project

Swift with IOS dev, same gig as the above.

C++ for Android development in the form of OpenCV with Java as well.

Javascript in all possible forms, basic input validation, ajax services, jquery datatables, jquery animations and builders.

Css/sass heavily

Clojure for an ldap active directory application

Python for glue scripts

Classic ASP with JScript and VBScript

VB Net forms


Bootstrap for multiple intranet frontends

Node+Express for a logistics warehouse management tool

Ruby on Rails freelancing small gigs

Php in all ways possible from complete standalone php apps to Laravel and just php+composer apps aaaaall the way to wordpress

Django consulting

I have found that the one that I dislike the most is wordpress. And the one that I like working with the most is Node. Don't know why, i just do really fucking like messing around with Javascript, the language has changed a fuckload throughout the years and continues to increase and change. It was my first scripting language following a stint in me trying to learn cpp way when i was starting and royally FAILING

Never really got the hate for it, even when I used JScript with classic ASP i just enjoy working with Javascript a lil too much. And from all the above mentioned stacks safe from Php is the one, or one of the ones in which i don't royally suck :V

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    I swear to freaking god,
    1 more damn post... I could have sworn came out of my fingers and I'll hunt you down and buy you a beer 🍻

    Although... you are a node lover 😒 ok cheap beer it is.

    I've always found the best way to understand the hate is to use it myself and work out the kinks for myself - mind you I am a php dev at heart so it's apparently a really low bar to be Able to actually hate something.

    Sometimes it's little things not worth actually complaining about as there is usually some kind of work around that isn't too far fetched to get things working.
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    @C0D4 here in Texas i was told that my fav beer is two things :P cold and free haha so any will do lol

    And i get you man because I am a php dev as well. I still remember the fractal of bad design famous blog made some years back which heavily criticized the language and everyone took it as a chant to represent their hatred of it. I never understood why, most of the issues discussed were non threatening to my daily work routine and php has never screwed me over in any way really. I normally blame shit on elitist mentality really or a way to blame people sucking at their jobs.
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    @AleCx04 beer's an acquired taste. May as well acquire the rate for a cheap one.
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