Lol, what the fuck is this:

A bunch of idiots who can't handle the internet, let their child use it without supervision, or get offended because they were dragged out of their filter bubble and get confronted with reality.

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    Big Lols
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    What? This is legit stuff read some fucking news lol instead of getting anal everytime someone puts out a valid concern. Jesus fucking Christ.
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    This offends me and conflicts with my anti-censorship culture. I will create an organization to strongarm and censor stuff like this.


    On a more serious note, YouTube algos are shit (or rather - too effective) and broken beyond repair (it's the human factor that has lead to this self-inflicted problem). It's the internet basics 101 - internet is littered with shitholes.
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    @grumpyoldaf nah, the only concerning stories apply to the internet/social networks as a whole (conspiracy, alternative medicine) and have nothing to do with youtube itself. The others are complaining that the youtube algorithm can't read their feelings or their personal failure in educating their children. I mean I hate youtube, but it's ridiculous to blame them for it. It's technically impossible for youtube to solve this problem without violating privacy and heavy censorship. And even if they manage to do that, there are trillions of other sites spreading misinformation, gore or whatever. If anyone, Mozilla is in charge of building a safe browser which filters this shit out of the entire internet. They are at the point of entrance, not youtube. But I guess this is technically impossible ;)
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    @theKarlisK I think those algorithms are fine for most people. Examples given by Mozzila are most likely borderline cases when it blows up like that, unless they have some data that Google does not have or understands and could do better algorithms. *doubt*
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    @sboesch ummmm so you do agree it is YouTube’s responsibility?
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    People are free to ignore recommendations. Many do.

    Sheeple click on every recommendation.

    This is social darwinism in action, folks.
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    These days you don't have to click anymore, YouTube just shows you the next 'recommended' video automatically.
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    I just wish YouTube didn't breed so many conspiracy nuts. Every flat earth moron I've met (3 irl) picked up their beliefs from YouTube videos. They were morons before, and would still be morons without YouTube conspiracy videos. Not even saying I place the blame on YouTube itself, just wish it wasn't happening. Oh well, it's not like our species has much time left anyways
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    I just looked at it and to me it looks like some of those stories have a very valid point.
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    This is also the reason why people believe the bullshit on the "mainstream" news networks. They don't report the news anymore. They create headlines that sell, even if its a blatant lie. They don't check for second sources anymore. Print it, print it, print it! If its false, put a retraction on the last page of the next cycle.

    I used to get caught up in the bullshit on youtube. Now I go there work videos to learn concepts or programming topics. The rest is utter shit. The political crap on there is almost as bad as the news networks.

    I am so tired of the lies told by every source of information now. Everything is bent to an agenda. Sales, narrative, fear, etc. There is absolutely no trust left anymore. Every statistic is manipulated. The only solution is to tune out and ignore it all. For mental health sake you have to disengage. It will eat your sanity away.

    So to news outlets and media sources: FUCK YOU ALL!
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    So much bullshit on the same page, I’ve just lost the last once of respect I had for Mozilla foundation.
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    > Every statistic is manipulated

    Like Churchill said back in the day: 'I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself.'

    Or Disraeli before him: 'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.'
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    @sboesch then they would need lots of censoring for Firefox too, then people will complain again...

    Some parents are pretty stupid about the internet, anything is a target - your son got DDLC, a psychological horror game, which says so clearly that it's not for kids, and not for the easily disturbed, that you never even knew he installed because you can't get off your ass and parent - then he commits suicide. Stupid parent logic is - there were clearly no other factors that could have caused this, so I conclude DDLC caused this!

    The possibilites are endless. Found a dating server on your child's Discord account? Oh, let loose your blame the whole platform for instead of realising you shouldn't be expecting everything to be OK and safe at levels of consistency only God Himself could achieve.

    It's. The. Internet. They need to wake the f*** up, pull themselves together and actually make the internet a safer experience for their child, instead of asking for the most impossible sh**.
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    The only thing I have to say: Welcome to the internet Motherfuckers! If ya cant handle it, get out!
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