I think devRant should definitely implement the hability to 'repost' one 'rant. Some are too good to forget about them!

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    Not trying to be rude here but, this idea doesn't make any sense. We downvote people for reposting but now you want to make it easier to spread unoriginal content which we downvote .-.
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    Why would they?
    There is a report option for reposts.
    Reposts are not something I would encourage.
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    @yarwest Maybe I wasn't clear enough, I mean like the retweet button on twitter. The first people who published the tweet is always recognized as the author even if he has 2500 retweets.
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    @tomabolt it still is a repost, thus cluttering the content feed, thus not desirable
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    @yarwest ok I think I should spend less hours on Twitter, feel free to downvote my idea :)
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    On this topic - it's not a bad idea but we probably wouldn't want any kind of repost option, specifically. We try to resurface content and highlight content through various avenues of sorting through rants. Ex. Our algo sort looks at older rants you might enjoy based on other stuff you like. And one of our next big features will be around older rants, making them easier to find.
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    Yes this is the idea, keep the old posts visible. Repost was the first thing that come to my mind, but not the best idea. Also, to my point what make devRant an awesome app is the limited number of functionalities. Keep it simple and stupid !
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