TL;DR they blocked github
I work remotely, that means every once in a while I take my laptop and travel somewhere, work and have fun. This week I am visiting Turkey, they just blocked github 2 days ago... Freaking github... who does that?! and why?!

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    Because corrupt politicians don't want people to share their leaked emails. Block all the "file-sharing" websites!
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    Well... Emails of Turkish ministers were leaked, they don't want people finding them. Stupid of course.
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    @Charmgoggles I know about the leaked emails but github is hardly a place someone would use for that purpose. good thing they dont know about bitbucket and VSO.😅
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    Why not use a VPN ?
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    @sragha45 That is what I am doing. Just feel bad for people who have to live with this for a longer time.
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    The goverment can block any website without investigation or decision from the court in Turkey since 2014. Turkish people used to use vpn/dns solutions in those 2 years so it doesnt make a difference now for them. Internet connections sucks and had AKK limitation wich drops the speed of your internet to 1-3mbps after 50GB of use monthly. And i hear the goverment wants the young people create technology companies and gives credit for startups. This is just awfull..
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    @Orek trust me this is same thing which is happening in India
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