I'm considering shutting down all my social media profiles. I can't be bothered with any of them especially since most of the social media platforms has a lot of nut heads. I'd rather be on devrant than any other social media platform.

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    Me too. devRant is by far the best. With the election forthcoming in the US Facebook, etc has just gotten out of control. Or maybe I need new FB friends 😀
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    @ebourgess i absolutely agree. Sometimes i see crap posted on my facebook timeline and im like..what da hell? 😧😧
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    I've disabled notifications for Facebook and Twitter long ago. I only use them when needed.

    Productivity was better for a while, until DevRant came along.
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    Do you develope or will you develope with API requests? You'll need to own an account...
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    @ivannieto I have a dev account for that purpose. 0 friends on it and is used to create apps on Facebook.

    I have deactivated my personal account months already. Best decision ever.
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    @masterbetty I did that (to leave all social media) for 3 months and it was really peaceful, really, but in some way I felt myself alone sometimes, apart from the world around, lost contact with lots of people... and got depressed. It's incredible the ammount of dependency social media has created. We are now social junkies. I'm using them now just for communication. I was a profesional procastinator. After this cure, now I'm focused on what to do with them.
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