So I'm working alongside a very big development house that specialises in vehicle finance. They are huge - 60 plus developers, only work in pairs, have a minimum fee of £2500 per day and work with all the largest car manufacturers.

However, today they decided to completely change their api sub domain and all api routes that handle finance quotes. No warning at.

Of course sites I'm working on that consume this consume the said api are broken too.

To make things worse, my client pYs this company circa £19000 per year to use their api. I also recently discovered that the client is paying for their so called managed service. Insanity.

I mean seriously. This company has 4 layers of project manager and 3 forms of a senior developer. According to companies house their turnover is in excess of £4 million per year.

However, they get the basics wrong and do not warn in advance of major changes to their core api service.

Off I go to deal with 10 of project manAgers and support people in the hope if speaking to someone who can actually help.

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    Ouch. I know we sometimes assume bigger development houses do things better, but there's so much evidence against that.
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    Okay, ready to fight someone :)

    Got a response from their second line support. I'm told "a change was made" and "the change is now fully live in the production environment".

    What the literal ******?!?!?!?!

    Today will be a long day :(
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    Rant rant rant rant
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    @DroidPulkit that's the point and why we're all here :)
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