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    Shows exactly how well he takes rejection. Just tell her no.
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    Did she lead you on and then fuck you over? No? Then just be decent like she was and tell her no like she did. Cunt.
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    Google translate gave me this, would love to know the real meaning though..
    My love of rejection will see my work

    Although the phrasing does put out a child/douche wibe, it is still possible that the girl was in the wrong. I doubt it, but just leaving this here, because there's nothing that justifies an Internet mob.
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    You should have used this:

    #define true (rand%10>2)
    #define false (rand%10<2)
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    so instead of i18n she has e15n now
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    So many ways to use macros to fuck with c++.
    #DEFINE bool int
    #DEFINE int bool

    and many, many other ways to mess with ppl.
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    @HitWRight so the last line means - "She rejected my love, now she'll see what revenge looks like"
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    @aashimaY thanks mate
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