Dell Summer Internship Experience 

Firstly,to be a part of this process it is important to clear the exam conducted by college and according to me it wasn't something which can't be easily achieved so to prepare of this exam stick to basics of all subjects which have been taught so far till semester majorily data structures,data base,Java,C, operating system were asked.Basics of all following subjects should be clear which also going to help during internship.

I myself prepared for the test from geeksforgeek.I tried to gain as much as basic knowledge of subjects I can.And after selecting from test you have you go through hackathon on that personally I think one should be prepared with latest demanding skills.Mostly all the hackathon topics were in and around Machine Learning,Block chain,Web development,Databases.So typically should be aware of all these technologies and how this can be used to enhance in project.

During hackathon days it is important to be interactive,it  is good to clear doubts or explain your idea and how innovative you project is and how different it can be and further keep in mind how your project can be industrial utilized.Try to make your project more in aspect of how industry going to adapt this or how this problem's solution is perfect in every terms for a company.And majorily at last it comes down to how to present your project infront of your panel.

I think keep that session as much as interactive you can,try to answer their queries,and most importantly know your part of the project very well on theoretical as well as on code level. At last you have to go through a HR interview in which firstly you have to be prepare with a nice resume in which you to include all your achievement's,projects and most importantly keep it short and simple and include only those things which you are completely aware of.For interview first try to know and learn about company, it's goals,in what field it is presently working and during interview there is nothing to worry about you just have to talk like you are talking with a normal person,express all your views ,try to speak out.

Confidence is one important thing for this interview.So this was conclusion of my experience from hackathon hiring process from Dell.

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