Sitting in an "Advanced Python" course (paid by my employer), I kicked something under my desk. I hope those guys know Python better than they know electrical security measures...

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    Maybe it's simply not their job? Maybe an intern sysadmin did it and no one had the time to fix it? Yeah, it irritates my OCD too, yeah, I'd take the time to fix it, but it's not the end of the world.
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    @kamen Not their job?

    It's their job to look professional if they want to earn money.

    It's not like this is some rented room in a conference center.
    They have an entire building that belongs to them where those training courses happen. Trainings that cost €250 for a day and last several days.
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    @haze damn that's costly
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    They might not know it
    Tell them
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    @gitlog Yeah. It's some kind of professional training for companies and probably rich brats (I know that "coding bootcamps" are for rich non-technical managers who think that coding is cool, I had a friend who worked as a tutor in one of those; this thing of mine at least required some prior knowledge of Python).

    I work mainly in Python but I'm self-taught so my company thought it would be a good idea to sent me to a certified training course (and of course pay for it; if I were to pay for it, I wouldn't do it). One of my coworkers was here last year and he recommended this course...

    So here I am.

    So far it's not very bad but it could be better. Other people surely learn more than me because they take more time with practical exercises. I only had one struggle so far - with some modification of the exercise I though about and wanted to test it. I talked with the tutor for a moment about the theory behind it and now it works.
    Next days will be more interesting.
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