2 things I'm working on now:

#1 a personal project I am hoping to commercialize and turn it into my moneymaker. Hoping it'd at least be enough to pay the bills and put food on my table so I could forget 9/5 for good. But it has a potential of becoming a much, MUCH bigger thing. This would need the right twist tho, and I'm not sure if I am "the right twister" :) We'll see.

#2 smth I'm thinking of opensourcing once finished -- a new form of TLS. This model could be unbreakable by even quantum computing once it's mature enough to crack conventional TLS. I'm probably gonna use md5 or smth even weakier - I'm leveraging the weakness of hashing functions to make my tool stronger :)

I mean how long can we be racing with more powerful computers, eh? Why not use our weakneses to make them our strengths?

Unittests are already passing, I just haven't polished all the corner-cases and haven't worked out a small piece of the initialization process yet. But it's very close

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    Using the weakness of hashing functions to make your tool stronger - could you elaborate? Are you somehow using hash collision to encrypt data?
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    @RememberMe for now I'll just say it's all about probabilities.

    If an offender takes a guess "is this the message?" and the digest says "yeah, sure, why not!", it doesn't mean the attacker has the _right_ message :)

    and md5 should be just enough for Alice to verify the msg as she knows what it should look like. The validation is just a pro-tamper measure.
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    @RememberMe I've kind of borrowed parts of the mechanism from dna polymerase :)
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    Keep us updated
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    You didn't really tell us what you're working on lmao
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    @Mosesrocks oh, like right now? Writing websocket interface for #1 w/ bdd.
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