Credits to internet.... Which one your organization prefers

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    We’ve done pretty much all of these at various times
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    There's a scene missing from the waterfall method, between building the rocket and going to Mars, where the client changes their mind, and decides they actually want to go to Mercury. Try adapting the rocket for that!
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    Just missing “At triple the cost and five years later than planned, you go to Mars” for waterfall.
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    that works, coming the new features...
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    @nibor that's agile. Waterfall doesn't allow that. They would have to start from beginning if such change occurs.
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    @nibor A rocket is a rocket like once’s it’s up its all about life support ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    Agile Development sums up my whole life
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    Lean dev is basically every startup.
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