Good day, fellow Devs.

In your workspace (like company you work for), Is it alright to sit anywhere you feel comfortable or they decide to you where you need to sit....

Right now am not understanding!!??

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    It's a mutual agreement. You can say your preferences and site admin will take them into account. If it's possible and okay with everyone else you might get what you choose.

    After all what's the diff?
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    This is very much company dependent. Some companies have total hot desking, others have assigned desks. A lot of companies I have worked in have hot desking for the plebs, but assigned desks for devs, because of the higher technical requirements (dual monitors etc.). Others have assigned desks for particular roles (traders will have several monitors for example).

    In general if the company allows you to sit anywhere just do that, but if someone has a particular setup because of assessed physical requirements (standing desk, orthopedic chair, etc.) don't be a dick and use their desk.
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    @K-Hole Thanks for the clarification!
    It just that I am not comfortable sitting somewhere but they're kind of enforcing for me to sit there.
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    @Whizkevina As said by @nibor, it depends on the company. If you're uncomfortable, talk to your manager. A good manager will know that an uncomfortable dev is not going to be good for them, so they'll try to improve the situation.
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    @saucyatom, I have but they don't give a f*ck and they will be expecting deliverable...
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