Friend: Do you think you could make an app that does X?

Me: Yes but I'm not an app developer so haven't had much experience with app design so might take a while

Also friend: What sort of programmer are you? It's basic shit

My friends don't seem to understand that the programming loop for game development (Mostly background asset management) and app development is like trying to ask why a bull and a bull frog won't breed...Yes they both have bull in the name but they are 2 fucking different cunting things...

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    If it's so fucking easy then why doesn't he do it?

    Or is he 'busy'?
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    @alexbrooklyn no he is a dickhead
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    "You're so far from being a dev that I can't even explain how difficult it is."
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    "Then do it yourself, you goddamn fucking idiot. If it was basic shit, then why doesn't everyone do it? Right, because it's not just bAsIc ShIt. You know what's basic shit? You!"
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    14 of my friends wanted to make a RPG game. Only 1 could actually code, but not much. They quit in about 3 days.
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    You're computer guy, could you check, I can't order this on Amazon.
    (Wasn't Amazon)
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