Colleague trying to create a Visual Studio project and getting the error message that the file path name is too long. (Raging noises of agony)

Me laughing inside because I was facing the same issue a few days ago.

Now I am using VS on mac. Still a pile of crap but at least no issues with file paths anymore 😔

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    That's not a VS issue.

    That's a how are you having directories and files either so deep or so long that they hit those limits?

    260 characters is a lot of effort.
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    260 character limit on file paths is a Windows thing. You can disable that.
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    yes it’s not a VS problem but a Windows problem.
    The problem occures on VS often because project names tend to be big due to naming policies and many subfolders are created by default.

    @RememberMe you can disable that?! I need to google and try that...
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    Never had that problem. Mostly because I've always stored my projects in my secondary hard drive.
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