STMicroelectronics can die.

Fuck them and their stupid Cube MX IDE.

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    Yeah and a HAL that doesn't even remotely try to actually abstract the hardware layer. Just shoving registers into structs so that you still have to fucking read the reference manual in order to know what's going on. And wrapping that into some pretty inefficient code.

    The point? Vendor lock-in of course. Just because Cortex-M is (allegedly!) sooo complicated. But now folks can finally use an STM32 instead of an Arduino to do some shit that could have been done with a 555 anyway.

    BUT! If you ditch all that HAL shit and go bare metal, ST's HW is actually quite nice.
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    @Fast-Nop i agree the hw is nice. But the sw gives me cancer.
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    I agree with the CubeIDE part. But they do make nice mcu's and also have very cheap development boards and debuggers.

    A debugger from Microchip costs like 10x as much!
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    BTW, you don't actually have to use it. I'm happily using their mcu's with Rust!
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    Hate the bundled software, love the hardware. Oh well. I have a pretty decent HAL of my own built up over projects, should shovel it onto GitHub sometime.

    Also trying to run Haskell on one of their larger MCUs, it's a fun exercise.
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