I have procrastinated for four days straight. I have done nothing of what I should have done.

I've never been more productive though. Wrote a multi-platform SamacSys library-loader clone in Rust. I haven't written any documentation yet as that's about as boring as the stuff I have to actually do. 🙃


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    It's amazing how much you can do when it's not what you are really supposed to do, isn't it? While I disagree with his premises (his recommendations are generally good anyway), Steven Pressfield has several good books on the struggle against what he calls "resistance" (the force that tries to keep you from being your best self/doing what you were meant to do). The War of Art and Turning Pro are highly recommended for everyone, although aimed at artists (which, arguably, describes good developers as well).

    Anyway, congratulations on your progress, and hopefully you get what you're supposed to do done as well.
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    Me except years instead of days
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