Any good cross platform desktop UI toolkits/frameworks? Planning to build an app for linux/mac/win with my core logic being in golang. Anyway golang doesn’t seems to support any good options for interfacing with native systems, webview is enough for my case, but it also needs to be able to listen for keyboard and then perform some basic native functions (copy, paste...), which webview is not able to do.

So I thinking to have golang + webview and then use some light toolkit to interface with cross platforms native functionality (could also be in other language). Any suggestions?

Disclaimer: electron and other chrome based options are not considerable.

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    Check out lorca.
    xpda.net has a list of cross platform desktop frameworks.
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    @24th-Dragon thanks for suggestion. Checked out lorca and it works only with chrome installed, so it’s a no.

    Also already done my research before posting question, but would like to hear some real experiences with different tools.
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    Not sure how mature it is yet, but Flutter has a desktop package (I think it's in the normal library now). However no idea how good it works with bindings to other languages.
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    You can also try https://github.com/zserge/webview, this works without chrome using the system's webview.
    Only issue with this is that below windows 10 this will use IE as webview, which depending upon the complexity of your web side of things might be a deal-breaker.
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    Qt is a go-to for cross-platform desktop development that doesn't use a retarded webview renderer for it's main interface.
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    @AlgoRythm the downside however is, that you have to deal with qt :P
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    @Wack It seems like flutter for desktop is still in early development stages, so not really reliable yet

    @theCodis this or fyne was my considerations so far, but they still require binding with something for native compatibility (running as agent, triggering UI with mapped keys and mimicking some native functions).

    @AlgoRythm qt is not an option to me now, it’s commercial license is quite expensive and I don’t even know if my idea will work, so if I must, then I better prefer to invest more time developing application, than wasting money on it
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs Oh, yeah, well if it's commercial then that's important.
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