do i need to be god to know how to install package from another ubuntu repository???? how the fuck can debian be so easy, and ubuntu so screwed up ... ... i JUST WANT TO INSTALL THIS: https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/...

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    What do you mean by "another ubuntu repository"? It's a regular 19.10 repo, `sudo apt install tomcat9`.
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    @gronostaj we are on 19.04 and i want that tomcat 9.0.24 or tomcat 9.0.27 ... AND ... 19.10 is not out yet!
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    19.10 is out, at least the Desktop version is. Adding repos from newer Ubuntu version will basically upgrade your system to that version, but in an unsafe way. Try to find a PPA with the version you need, find a generic package or build from sources.
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    I feel your pain. Have you tried downloading the deb files and installing them through apt by specifying the "./downloaded-file.deb" or "~/Downloads/downloaded-file.deb" as the thing to install? A more brute approach would be to install it with "dpkg -i downloaded-file.deb".

    This might work by installing a package from an older Ubuntu release on to a newer, but might not work for an older release as the required dependency versions might not match.
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    You should be able to loosely follow this guide to build a version from source, just download the tarball for the version you need instead of the version specified in the guide


    Edit: actually even easier, looks like they are downloading a prebuilt tarball
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    Thanks to all of your inputs. I downloaded a deb file that ensures safe install and uninstall. Source Code build would be a second alternative.
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