Motherfuckin fuckidy duck fuck!

I am so done with Azure for today!

After I ran out of space on a secondary drive I shut the VM down and increased said drive and now after starting it (which takes way too long already) I can't ssh into it: "Connection refused". Diagnostics say "everything is fine bruh" and now I'm stuck with an inaccessible VM which I already spent half the night on configuring and downloading 60gb of sources.. aaargh!

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    I literally felt your pain reading this. Been there.
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    @kmccmk9 I guess the best way out is to scrap everything and start over fresh. But then I'll not simply do everything by hand, but I'll write a script for the setup.. because reasons. But first I'll wait until I actually want to touch it again, I need some cloudless time.
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    @saucyatom Yeah sometimes the VM just gets messed up. If you have support tickets, sometimes Microsoft can fix it for you
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    Don't you have a console to it?
    Connect using the console and check the config/system that way.
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    @flipflop Sometimes even that isn't working right lol
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    @flipflop I attached the serial console and it confirmed what I believed the issue was (a mounting error). The problem is just that to fix it, I need to login with the root password, which is definitely not the one I set trough the dashboard.
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    I finally managed to fix it by deleting the VM, creating a new debug VM, attaching the old OS disk as a data disk, fixing the error, releasing the disk and creating a new VM with the now fixed OS disk.
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