Does anyone have a good 'getting started documentation' for react redux with typescript. youtube videos and official documentation are mostly ES5.

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    I am interested to know about data flow between components and xhr calls.
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    You can check Tyler mcginnis's course which is very nice.

    Other than that, xhr and all other aync effects are handle through middlewares in redux:
    * redux-thunk if you want promises
    * redux-observable if you want observables (rxjs)
    * redux-saga if you want async/await and most likely an overkill tool

    About data flow, both react and redux main documentation are really good.
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    @Commodore Thanks very much. Tyler mcginnis' course seems to be a paid one. Seems like a good investment but not so much for a weekend geek who just wants to learn. I have looked at react-redux documentation and came across to https://redux.js.org/recipes/... which has a link to code sandbox project. let me see if can make sense of it.
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    Microsoft's react typescript repo is a good place to start! Infact that is where my journey of react redux began.


    The repo is archived because create react app now allows using typescript. Apart from that, everything there is still applicable.
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    i think stephen grider has a ts version of his course on udemy. I took just the js version and it wasn't bad. It's a paid course, but udemy marks it down to 10 bucks every other week.

    Your going to be really hard pressed to find a free course, one that goes into any detail at least. Usually free lessons are either just overviews or about how to do just a select few things.
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