Seeing how many memes are on devRant lately makes me reconsider my position on genocide.

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    Mmm genocide
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    I have disabled the whole category because it has come to mostly invite shitposts by shitheads.
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    Wait there are people who don't deactivate that category?!
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    This is why we need better shibboleths.
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    Memes bad reeeee
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    @Stuxnet It's not about memes per se, it's about WHAT is being posted as memes. You can hardly deny the reposting and copy-posting from other websites.

    Originally, the devRant devs intended the -- as solution for that, but first, if you actually use that in the appropriate quantity, your -- rights can get revoked, and second, there are too many people who upvote everything regardless. That's why the intended solution doesn't work in reality.
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    @Stuxnet bad reee
    @Fast-Nop yep.
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    Mmm meme genocide sounds delicious.

    I mean we all post the odd one from time to time, but some just do nothing but.
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    @Fast-Nop I know it's just ppl constantly Autistically screeching about the quality of dR are starting to be as annoying and frequent as shitty memes.

    We know most of the memes suck balls. We know memes are typically posted by new users and are shitty reposts. Bitching about it constantly ain't gonna change anything tho.
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    @Stuxnet ...but... But... *RRRRREEEEEEEEE in Stuxnet*
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    @Stuxnet don't forget the "oohhh memes on devRant suck" meme is pretty much as old as the platform itself. I don't reckon it's going to change, the normification is unfortunately an unstoppable process.
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