What are the steps to make a video game in terms of software.

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    1) Find or make an appropriate game engine
    2) Aquire the software needed to design and code your game like Photoshop, an IDE etc
    3) Start making it. First make a mockup of a basic mechanic. Then add graphics and refine the mechanics
    4) Add on a deep story and compelling gameplay elements
    5) Spend years bettering your creating
    6) Put it up on game jolt, steam, create a dedicated website for it
    7) Forget about the project because literally nobody cares
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    A main loop (usually to handle things like frame timing), input handling, object management, and (of course) graphics. There's stuff like menus, too, of course, but those are the basics.
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    Minimal one? A terminal interface with a C compiler or whatever language.

    A modern one? A game engine is the absolute minimal requirement where you can usually make programmer assets using built in tools and primitives.

    Otherwise graphics and audio software can come in handy

    You'd need to be a lot more specific about what type of game
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    You need some way of handeling input, some game logic and a graphics library. This could mean:

    FullEngine Route:
    Download Unity. Download Visual Studio.
    You good to go.
    GraphicsLibrary Route:
    Pick some Rendering library(e.g.
    MonoGame) and build your own game
    loop(read input, process systems, display
    IWantPain Route:
    Install some c++ compiler(e.g. GCC, Visual
    C++, Intel C++), add a Graphics Library(e.g.
    Vulkan, DirectX, OpenGL)
    And build everything from the ground up.

    I do not recommend any route but the first if you dont know what you are doing/what you want to do. Full Featured engines keep you making your game, not the framework around it.
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