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    git commit -m “holding”
    git branch holding
    git reset —hard HEAD~1

    using stash is asking to have work blown away
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    Why do you even use command line ? Like for real? There are like 1000000 git GUIs. I like Visual 2019 one. I NEVER wrote a single git command line by hand. (Yes I did some scripts with git commands, but it’s a script : once it’s done, I add it to my GUI)

    Why all millennials think “command line is so cool”. It’s not. That’s how people 40 years ago worked. Good GUI >>>>>>>>>>>>> command line every time. (But the GUI should have EVERY option you need of cause)
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    @NoToJavaScript can I interest you in one of these amazing things called 'preference'?
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    @NoToJavaScript Seem you are not just wrong about JS.
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    @NoToJavaScript because the CLI interface for git is one of the best UIs I have ever used CLI or not. Most of the git GUIs I touched made me want to kill myself because they were so bad.

    Command line tools for Unix specifically have evolved over 50 years and IMO are quite good and I find them to allow me to be insanely productive. GUIs don’t necessarily give you the tools to take full advantage of the orthogonality of UNIX.

    Use what you want but I’ve been through this over and over again and I keep coming back to CLI and vim year after year because everything else seems to suck in comparison.

    Turns out an army of the best computer engineers on the planet for the past two generations and 50 years of evolution yields better results than what a team of undergrad hotshots can cook up in JavaScript in 3 months.
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    @NoToJavaScript being in tune with programming roots is important in programming. Good programmers prefer command line. That’s not just my opinion but every great programmer I’ve had the honor of knowing. GUI abstractions were and are built more and more intuitive every day to service the computer illiterate more and more. Programmers don’t need a GUI to guide their work
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