Hi Guys if you can share your opinion/experience in what I wrote below it would help me a lot, thanks !

Im a full-stack developer with 4 years of experience, worked with different technologies in backend, frontend, mobile etc.. so I have general knowdgele of how systems works and how they should be built.

So I work as CTO in a startup, Im for almost 2 years here I started here with minimum salary (I decided that, because they said to me we are startup and such things so I wanted to help) 2.2k Euros and it has been almost 2 years without pay rise, so last month I asked for pay rise, but they said to me that they dont have money and sent me +300 euros as gift.

One week ago I wrote to them again (co-founders) that I have a lot of pressure and I dont know if I can handle all of that for much time he told me that I got +300 euro pay rise (which it was gift from them in first place, I refused them to sent this to me), but TODAY CEO and Co-Founder wrote to again me asking if I accept +300 euro pay rise because they can afford to pay me 2.5k or if I dont accept this they can sent me 2.2k again (they think that 2.5k is maximum that they can pay me right now and that this is enough for me).

I want to ask you guys what would you do, would you accepting something like this, considering that right now Im only dev here (yes Im only dev) and Im taking care of these(yes all of these) :

1. Company Website (react js)
2. Web Admin Panel (that clients use to manage their data)(react js)
3. Web Application (that visitors use to see client data)(react js)
4. Widgets (some code that is integrated into clients websites it's same as application, but integrated directly to client website)(react js)
5. Backend of all 3 apps mentioned above (asp.net core)
6. AWS Architecture( some of services : Cognito,Lambda,RDS,API Gateway,CloudFront,S3)
7. DevOps Role

Also consider that I didnt take holidays for 1 year now working on weekends too :)

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    Seems like they think you need them and are using that to their benefit, that's why they don't give a raise, equity etc., because they think you are getting paid well(?!) and you have nowhere to go if you quit. I think they need to reflect on this and not build a startup with this culture because even if they have a great idea, they won't be able to keep a dev team with this attitude. If there's no change, I honestly think more than a year is too much to keep waiting without any equity or raise. You can't keep people with sweet words, they wil eventually get tired of it and the sweet words will become very bitter. Companies like this should really reflect or be exposed so that other people don't have to go through this.

    What I would say to the CEO(and the funding team) is:
    Keep in mind, devs are people as well. If you have opted to be paid less in exchange for higher equity, the dev might not be interested in that, because at the end of the day, we work for money. Reflect....
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    @bgram also, note to OP, make sure you put yourself first. Take days off, you deserve them. Take weekends of, people don't appreciate you giving up on life for them, at the end of the day they may end up firing you, and you can't turn time to spend it with your loved ones.
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    I left a startup because what I was making could not take care of my family. At that time it was about 4000 USD. I make significantly more than that now.

    I don't know how to relate Euros as I don't know what the social programs pay for. If you cant make it on shit pay then it is shit pay. I still do contract work for that startup. They are limping along. They lost all of their tech people because of crap pay.
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