What do you guys think is the best method to teach juniors web dev? What are some things that would make you love a uni class and learn it?

I am teaching web dev and I find it very hard to engage all the students as almost half of them are not interested and I think they see the class too difficult(web basics?!). This is my first class teaching and I want to gather some feedback here and implement it in my class.

So, basically let me know of anything that makes you love and hate abclass because of the teacher's methodology. Thanks a lot

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    If you’re teaching teenagers and above you’ve probably already lost the battle with those who are disinterested because they’ve already made their minds up about the course material abstract of your teaching methodologies.
    If I were you I would focus on being concise and approachable, Try to relate the material to the class and always push for progression of the individuals that are trying.
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    Tell them they’re all fucked because the global collapse of society is upon us, and the shit wicks known as humans are about to be tossed to the proverbial curb. So let’s make some damn websites, smile, and be happy that this is the last generation of fuckwads to jack shit up on this random rock of rank ridiculousness
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    let them build a personal profile html/css page. seeing the progress of my own work was always motivating for me.
    then help them improve it, once they got the basic document...
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    First of all, don't be mad if some of them are not interested/don't look interested. Nothing personal against you. Overall don't act like a piece of shit. Don't go to slow/fast.
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