"Hi, how are you?"
"Hi, how are you?"

The two separate individuals continue walking past each other in opposite directions. Zero information exchanged.

I hate small talk.

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    @torbuntu Aye, shows how fake they are.
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    Just wanna make a joke.. I am but a network guy.
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    * SYN
    Was that autocorrect or sth?
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    @gitlog nope it's simply I got it wrong.
    I know the word is "synchronize". When I studied the network course we always pronounced it as "sink" not "sin". That's why I thought the abbreviation has "C" at the end.
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    @ctrl-alt-del In truth, most conversation is pragmatic, not semantic. I.e. you're entirely correct.
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    it's not "hi, how are you?", it's "how high are you?"
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    You has misunderstood how async conversations works
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    Just like a NPC
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    @bvs23bkv33 6'0" and 420 blaze it seem to be the two proper answers.
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    @pk76 @torbuntu even so I too don't like it, I would not think negative about anyone doing this. It's just their way of trying to be friendly and polite, I mean everyone already knows the answer to "how are you", noone would say bad even if it was true
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    @reij therein lies the problem and is exactly why it's fake. If they're only asking because they want the answer to be a certain thing, they don't care how you are doing, and therefore shouldn't be asking.
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    And just think that I've seen the very same thing being done for two hours of meeting, just with a lot more words, all different, all beautiful, all meaningless.
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    @BadFox I'll be quoting this 6'0" several times a day now. Thank you for your useful input.
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