"Hi, how are you?"
"Hi, how are you?"

The two separate individuals continue walking past each other in opposite directions. Zero information exchanged.

I hate small talk.

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    What is worse, and a reason I immediately gain heavy negative opinions of people, is when they say "hi, how are you?" And as I am in the middle of saying "fine, how are you?" They keep walking like never even saying hello.

    Those people need to quit it. If you mean to just say hey, just say hey. Otherwise you're kind of a jerk.
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    @torbuntu Aye, shows how fake they are.
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    Just wanna make a joke.. I am but a network guy.
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    * SYN
    Was that autocorrect or sth?
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    @gitlog nope it's simply I got it wrong.
    I know the word is "synchronize". When I studied the network course we always pronounced it as "sink" not "sin". That's why I thought the abbreviation has "C" at the end.
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    @ctrl-alt-del In truth, most conversation is pragmatic, not semantic. I.e. you're entirely correct.
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    it's not "hi, how are you?", it's "how high are you?"
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    You has misunderstood how async conversations works
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    Just like a NPC
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    @bvs23bkv33 6'0" and 420 blaze it seem to be the two proper answers.
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    @pk76 @torbuntu even so I too don't like it, I would not think negative about anyone doing this. It's just their way of trying to be friendly and polite, I mean everyone already knows the answer to "how are you", noone would say bad even if it was true
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    @reij therein lies the problem and is exactly why it's fake. If they're only asking because they want the answer to be a certain thing, they don't care how you are doing, and therefore shouldn't be asking.
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    @reij Clash of culture is what it is. If someone asks "how are you" I'd fully expect them to accept my reply. Not walk off like some dullard. So weather they perceive it as rude or not is not the case, as it is ridiculously callous to my perception and thusly influences the opinion I have of such folks.
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    And just think that I've seen the very same thing being done for two hours of meeting, just with a lot more words, all different, all beautiful, all meaningless.
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