The more I study IT and programming languages, the more I'm leaving Windows for Unix. Windows feels so heavy, I don't know why.

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    I felt the same way when I started learning about using other OSes for software development. Now I prefer ubuntu but I use OS X at work. I will go weeks or months without touching Windows. I don't have any issues with it other than it feels clunkier to me.
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    Welcome to the FOSS side, everything (99%) works through the magic of open-source reviewing and development. 👻

    Been using Linux as a daily driver for the past 6 years, use windows once a week/month for a bit of gaming, and that's that. 😛

    (Do note that a lot of good games will be coming out which will be Linux compatible...)
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    Well because it is. My grandparents had this laptop: https://cnet.com/products/...

    Windows 10 couldn't run on it at all. They didn't want to buy a new one. I installed lubuntu, and it worked better than new.
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    Yes. Windows is 'heavy'. It always has been.
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    I've been using Linux since windows 8 essentially tried to melt my third gen core i3... Windows works well if you keep up with modern hardware, but I have no interest in buying a new machine just to run a particular OS.
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    I have a i5 laptop with 6Gb RAM, and W10 feels so slow compared to my Debian..
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