Have any of you ever hidden easter eggs in you're code?
I imagine it's frowned upon in corporate, but how about you're own projects?
I love easter eggs by the way.

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    Corporate is the best place to do it.

    I've enabled snow effects in css for internal staff, public facing it doesn't render.

    I've made sites flip upside down for random page loads - again kept it internal.

    As for external, I've had Konami Code in place which then showed a picture of an Easter bunny 🐰 in the bottom of the page.
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    @C0D4 that's awesome. Thanks for keeping my child like sense of curiosity alive.
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    Yes 😊

    Only for internal view though. And often I won't disclose them to others. They're Easter eggs! Finding them is most of the fun!

    Sometimes they're inside jokes so they don't make any freaking sense to whomever does find them. Kind of makes them better I think

    Edit: I added some hidden messages and custom behavior in response to skiddies, too. Just to break their scripts and to ridicule them if they even bother to look.
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