To one of my exes, who after insulting my profession and telling me to go away, messaged me after six years of no contact asking me to debug this stupid script for some game he's streaming on Twitch despite knowing very well he should have just Googled for answers:

Do you know what layer of hell do you belong to?

Go to the hell floor, peel it off and turn it upside down. Glue yourself into the flipped underside then close the hell floor right side up. That is where you belong.

(What actually happened was me giving him a swift block on Facebook Messenger and uninstalling the thing)

(Hecc this shit man I don't have time for this)

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    I dealt with one of those. Girl who would berate me for "playing on the computer all the time"

    Bitch when has there ever been a video game on screen?

    When she got a job as an RN she was always bitching about how difficult it was (according to her) to use computer forms.

    I found up following in her footsteps in a way, and got into medical work for five years. Computers made the job so much easier. Fuck paperwork by hand. Fuck spending fifteen minutes in the file storage looking for something. I wound up designing an employee scheduling system for that employer as my very first commercial product (sold it to my own employer).
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    Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
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    @bvs23bkv33 he wasn't even sorry. I don't want to speak to him.
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    To be honest, some people are not skilled enough to Google. They also don't tend to search for their own answers. I see this at work all the time. No, this is not an excuse for being an ahole though.
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