To those who have worked in mad RAD solo environments, with next to no testing...

...and those who have worked full Agile, with high code coverage, code review amongst hoards of T-shaped developers...

...how much difference does it make to wellbeing and upskilling in the two?

Bonus points if you have done both and can compare in an n=1 way.

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    First of all whats T-shaped?

    Im working in the first kind of environment and it depends on yourself as a person and the scope/time you have on the projects. You will either throw shit code at the wall untill something finally sticks, stick to whats familiar and hardly deviate from it unless you have to or use the freedom to explore newer approaches to some problems, something you cant do in other environments. Its been fun so far but im really hoping to switch to some place like the latter.
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    @24th-Dragon T/shaped refers to deep skill in one area, with broad but shallow understanding in many others.

    What are you reasons for wanting to move to the latter?
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    Because the scope gets larger, the deadlines tighter and the pay stays the same. At least where i work at.
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    This is exactly what I am seeing. More responsibility, similar rewards.

    Unless you count exposure and learning as a reward, in which case I am better staying here.
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